Our leadership development and capacity building efforts are focused on providing leaders with real-world skills and experiences to improve their visibility on social change issues and advocacy with organisations. We don’t coach and mentor people through ‘uncomfortable conversations’; we help you find purpose, recognise your potential and step into your leadership with courage and confidence.



We support Aboriginal leaders and disruptors to transition into management and senior leadership roles within their organisations by exploring effective communication, visibility, negotiation, stakeholder engagement, influence, conflict resolutions and brand positioning. We offer three and six-month coaching and mentoring programs. We offer in-house advisory, facilitation and leadership sessions to assist leaders and organisations with determining the purpose, vision and mission of their work, while defining the values and activity required to achieve the desired outcomes. The days of setting a plan and timeframes for implementation are done and dusted—to achieve long-lasting impact we must dedicate time, energy and focus to our people and teams so they reach their full potential.

Corporate Change Makers

Our work with non-Aboriginal corporate change-makers is committed to self-reflection, critical thinking and courageous leadership. The outcome of this work leads to a greater appreciation and understanding of Aboriginal worldviews and lived experiences, and the development of relationships that are culturally respectful, sound, and safe.



iCulture360—our hybrid of cultural capability training, leadership skills and effective communication—is delivered in the form of public masterclasses, one-on-one coaching, in-house full-day training or monthly group sessions. iCulture360 is not transactional, engagement in our program is a commitment to cultural humility and living in your said values daily as you advocate for change, equity, and fairness.

Our program embeds Aboriginal worldviews, principles of connection, and wellbeing with leadership methodologies to strengthen a leader’s ability to achieve their full potential while understanding the people and communities around them.

Our work guides leaders to a deeper understanding of the root cause of inequity faced by Aboriginal people and communities, and inspires courageous leadership that enables long-term change. We help you learn how to ask the right questions and lean into uncomfortable conversations to drive real change that delivers equity for all. Get in touch and learn more about how we can work together to create real change.

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