Nganya is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business, committed to delivering high quality service and advice to our clients. We are focused on collaborations with purpose and community impact.

At Nganya, through a people and relationship-focused approach to community engagement, we ensure two-way relationships are nurtured with Aboriginal communities. We support and stretch individuals and organisations to make valuable contributions to achieve sustainable social change that delivers equitable outcomes.

We provide culturally sound and strategic advice to organisations and leaders on government reform, social policy design, performance, and program monitoring, stakeholder engagement and consultation, and the design and implement Reconciliation Action Plans, or Aboriginal Strategies. Our Way of Being ensures our collaborations with people, communities, and clients is focused on purpose and impact.

Nganya offers services across the following areas:

Our work is effective and long-lasting because our focus is not on ‘doing the work’ but we are committed to helping you and your organisation build capability to have greater clarity, confidence and connection in the work you do in partnership with Aboriginal communities.

We’re determined to elevate thinking and action beyond generic and transactional engagement to more robust, targeted and outcome-focused partnerships.

We’d love to assist you on your next project feel free to get in touch click here.

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