Vision, Purpose and Values

At Nganya we work to ensure everything has purpose, centres the experiences, voices and needs of Aboriginal communities and focuses on impact and outcomes.  We do this by supporting organisations to build relationships with Aboriginal people, working in deep consultation and equipping them with the understanding of the inequity in our systems.  

We want to assist leaders to cut through with their messages to effect real change on projects and service design that has a positive impact on Aboriginal people and communities.


To work in, live in and contribute to a society that values the lived experiences of Aboriginal people and tenaciously pursues equitable access to nurture healthy, happy and culturally connected communities for generations to come.


What we do makes a difference. We are bold, unreserved and exist to make meaningful and real change in our communities. People are central to our thinking and doing—our collaborations with clients are not transactional and the outcomes we achieve long lasting. We live into our purpose and vision every day knowing that the way we turn up in the world has impact.


We create change in the way you listen and learn from Aboriginal people ensuring community autonomy is central to all thinking and doing. We are committed to robust conversations that nurture critical thought and enable greater people potential to achieve long-term impact. We do this by embedding cultural and community purpose, and leadership, in social policy. We partner with people who learn while listening and align with our values and vision of a shared future where all our community members thrive. The people we work with exemplify transparency, accountability and truth-telling.

We believe courage cannot exist without vulnerability and each is foundational to learning and evolving as human beings. We encourage people to live into the value of robust and purposeful leadership; acting in a manner that is the catalyst of change within organisations and communities. We create opportunities that engage the most vulnerable and courageous leaders to ask the right questions at the wrong time. We  help people strengthen their understanding of the world around them, and effectively influence how others show up alongside them. Transactional engagement and consultation are the processes of the past and serve no one.

We build paths between communities and businesses, and believe it is the people in these relationships that will be the key to enabling real change. We champion cultural humility so that through introspection and life-long learning, we influence and rebalance power dynamics embedded in societal structures. We commit to centring Aboriginal people and communities’ voices and lived experiences in all conversations about our shared past and future.

We are driven by our inherent desire for Aboriginal people and communities to live healthy and happy lives where we collectively thrive as one. This looks like asking the right questions and leaning into uncomfortable conversations that many avoid because of what hides in the shadows of society’s consciousness. We ask communities and organisations to explore what they don’t know, because we know when you know better, you do better. If we are to make a difference and have a real impact on inequity, we’ve got to start having better conversations.

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