Commitment to Community

Nganya continues to reinvest in Aboriginal communities and projects enabling equitable outcomes for Aboriginal people and children, Caring for Country practices, and meaningful activities for individual and collective economic sustainability.

We are driven by our inherent desire for Aboriginal people to live happy and healthy lives where kinship and community thrive together; therefore, the work we do and the money we circulate in our communities makes a difference.

Our contribution to the community goes beyond a percentage of contracts and regular donations—instead, we use our skills, knowledge, experience, and network to create solutions, mentor, and connect the right people.

We regularly contribute to Kinchela Boys Homes, The Glen, Deadly Science and Mudgin-gal. We fund the Brewarrina Girls Club, an initiative to nurture positive relationships between young Aboriginal women and local police.


We are committed to partnering and engaging broadly and deeply in our community—with small and medium businesses that are owned and operated by Aboriginal peoples, women, people with disability and our LGBTQI+ community.

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