Our advisory services are informed by our Nganya Way of Being to ensure our collaboration is culturally sound, informed and makes a difference to the lives of our clients and the communities they are connected to.

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Our communications advice is considered, targeted, intentional and ensures your decision-making is purpose-driven, culturally relevant and appropriate, and has impact. Our work makes a difference in your messaging and delivery. 

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Our strategies and planning for Aboriginal stakeholder engagement not only makes a difference in the way your project is planned for and implemented, it makes a difference in the way you, your organisation and your purpose are received by communities.

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Our leadership development and capacity building efforts are focused on providing leaders with real-world skills and experiences to improve their visibility on social change issues and advocacy with organisations.

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Aboriginal Engagement Consultants

Inspiring courageous leadership that enables long-term change.

Nganya provides a people and relationship-focused approach to better community engagement to ensure two-way relationships are nurtured with Aboriginal communities. We support and stretch organisations to make valuable contributions that achieve sustainable social change for equitable outcomes.

We consult on and provide advice that is transparent, informed and purposeful for the individuals and teams within organisations we collaborate with, and the communities they are connected to. Our work is effective and long-lasting because our focus is not on ‘doing the work’ but committed to building the capability of organisations to have greater clarity, confidence and connection to the work they do in partnership with Aboriginal communities.

Nganya’s commitment is to support corporate change-makers to be more conscious, curious and courageous in their leadership and the collaborations they initiate with Aboriginal communities. We are determined to elevate thinking and action beyond generic and transactional engagement to more robust, targeted and outcome-focused partnerships.

Dixie and Kirsten
Dixie Crawford sitting in a chair posing for the camera in black jumpsuit
Barwon River

Our Vision

Guiding you towards becoming a leader of social change with Aboriginal communities.

To work in, live in and contribute to a society that values the lived experiences of Aboriginal people. We tenaciously pursue equitable access that nurtures healthy, happy and culturally connected communities for generations to come.

Our Services

Connecting companies to communities is what we do every day.

We support, challenge and inspire organisations with a clear vision to make sustainable social change for Aboriginal communities.

We do this through coaching, stakeholder engagement, leadership development, performance evaluation and strategic advice on how to best benefit and engage these communities.

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