What is iCulture360?

iCulture360 is our specialised and tailored program helping leaders enhance their knowledge, experience and skill set around cultural capability for greater influence and impact within their organisations.

The program explores skills capability, unconscious bias, personal attributes for effective leadership, work collaboration within teams, people development and management, and business enablers. iCulture360 is not transactional.

We are focused on and committed to transformational leadership that engages people and organisations in conversations about the root cause of organisational challenges and limitations on working in partnership with First Nations staff, stakeholders and communities


Let me ask you…

Do you ever ask or hear…

  • I’m afraid of getting it wrong and offending someone.
  • I don’t understand the cultural needs of my team members.
  • How do I build cultural safety in the relationships I have with my First Nations staff?
  • How do I navigate unconscious bias within my workplace?
  • How do I support my First Nations staff to grow and develop within the workplace?
  • I want our organisation to be an employer of choice for First Nations peoples, how do we make that happen?
  • What does leadership look and feel like for First Nations people and communities?
  • I want our team and organisation to have more Aboriginal leaders, how do we support this?

If you’ve asked one of these questions, or heard someone say something similar, please know you’re not alone.

You don’t know what you don’t know…right? But, you can learn.

We’re here to help and we’ve specifically designed our iCulture360 program to answer these and many other questions around cultural awareness and capability.

Why iCulture360?

For a workplace to be reflective of purposeful diversity, inclusion and equity, we must ensure our systems, policies and processes recognise and understand the importance and value of the differences in people, community and culture.

However, a challenge many leaders experience is knowing ‘how to practice’ greater inclusion and respect, beyond the visibility of intention.

If our workplaces are to host conversations and behaviours that are educational and informative, and demonstrate empathy and a commitment to social justice; cultural diversity and thought leadership is critical to workplace culture.

iCulture360 embeds First Nations worldviews and explores the principles of connection, culture and wellbeing within leadership methodologies. We strengthen leaders’ ability to achieve their full potential by recognising and valuing differences in the people and communities they are connected to, including the people and teams in their workplace.


Who is iCulture360 for?

iCulture360 equips non-Indigenous managers, senior leaders, human resources, talent acquisition, and learning and development professionals with the knowledge, skills and experiences to effectively engage with and build positive and impactful relationships with Aboriginal staff and stakeholders.

Learning outcomes

iCulture360 helps people and organisation leaders to gain the knowledge, skills and experience to embed culture in their actions and leadership.

Through iCulture360 we:

  • Demonstrate insight into the social and political lived experiences of Aboriginal people in workplaces.
  • Identify strategies to build culturally safe and empowering employee-manager relationships.
  • Identify and implement strategies to grow and develop First Nations talent.
  • Understand Aboriginal workplace and community leadership styles.
  • Identify individual and collective leadership activity to positively influence the advancement of Aboriginal careers.

Our program delivery

iCulture360 is delivered in four ways:

Program Delivery

How to book

Your investment in our iCulture360 training program is a two-day program and is delivered virtually.

Our next iCulture360 program will be delivered on:

  • Day 1—Tuesday, 30 August 2022, 9.15am to 4.00pm (Masterclass), and
  • Day 2—Tuesday, 27 September, 10.00am to 11.00am (Group Coaching session).

To secure your virtual seat for iCulture360 book online at Humanitix, or process payment directly with Nganya by contacting us at hello@nganya.com.au.

The iCulture360 Masterclass investment is $1,200 plus GST.

Bookings close Wednesday, 26 August 2022.

*Please note charges for the Humanitix platform apply.

**Refunds are available up to 14 days prior to the event.

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