The below documents provide further explanation about Nganya, our team, the services we offer and how we can assist you.

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Nganya Capability Statement

At Nganya, through a relationship-focused approach to people and community engagement, we ensure two-way relationships are nurtured with First Nations communities.

We support and stretch individuals and organisations to make valuable and meaningful contributions to achieve sustainable social change that delivers equitable outcomes.

We provide culturally sound and strategic advice to organisations and leaders on: government reform, social policy design, performance and program monitoring, stakeholder engagement and consultation, and the design and implementation of Reconciliation Action Plans and/or First Nations Strategies.

Our Way of Being ensures our collaborations with people, communities and clients is focused on purpose and impact.

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Prospectus

Many organisations are often not sure where to start when developing their first RAP.

To enable intentional change and impact, Nganya has developed a three-phased approach to RAP development. Over these three phases you and your organisation will learn about and understand the importance of making structural changes for allyship, anti-racism and reconciled relationships.

Our unique and individualised approach to RAP development is all about your people reaching their full potential as leaders to ensure your organisation’s ‘why’ on reconciliation is focused on growth and impact. The documents we produce with you will have real meaning and the actions within them will help you embed culture in all you do.

Nganya_Illustrations_Warra Warra_Colour

iCulture360—transforming cross-cultural leadership

iCulture360 is our specialised and tailored program helping leaders enhance their knowledge, experience and skill set around cultural capability for greater influence and impact within their organisations.

iCulture360 is not transactional; we are focused on and committed to transformational leadership that engages people and organisations in conversations about the root cause of organisation challenges and limitations on working in partnership with First Nations staff, stakeholders and communities.

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